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Over 70 Flavors Made Fresh in our Store!

Selection on hand may vary.  Please call ahead for large  special orders.   We have 7 bag sizes for every flavor.

Mini (3 cups)  Junior (6 cups)   Small (10 cups)    Medium (26 cups)    Large (45 cups)   Xtra Large (120 cups)    Party (320 cups!)

Prices vary by flavor category and size....any questions call the store at 952-452-8808

                A                      C                 E
Buttery Caramel Caramel with Nuts
Low Salt Sea Salt Caramel Toffee Almond
White Windy City Mix Baseball Mix
B Denver Mix Cranberry Walnut

Vegas Mix

Fiery Cheddar                     D PoppedCorn Crunch
Spicy & Hot Cheese Cornfetti           Choc
White Cheddar Red Hot Cinnamon Chocolate
Ranch Old Fashioned Vanilla White Chocolate
Sour Cream & Chives Banana Cream White Chocolate Oreo*
Salt & Vinegar Wild Blueberry Heath Toffee Almond
Dill Pickle Green Apple Peanut Butter Chocolate
Southwest Jalapeno Blue Coconut Dark Chocolate
Loaded Baked Potato Gonzo Grape Dark Chocolate Mint
Parmesan & Garlic Strawberry Fields Butterfinger Chocolate
Jalapeno Ranch Very Cherry S'mores*
Pizza Pink Cotton Candy White Chocolate Peppermint
Southwest Hot Wings Orange Crush Wild Berry Cheesecake
Nacho Cheese Wacky Watermelon Lemon Meringue Pie*
Mac & Cheese Rockin' Raspberry Banana Pudding*
Kettle Corn Creamy Cheesecake Birthday Cake*
Cinnamon Toast Breezen Blackberry Puppy Chow*
Movie Theatre Butter Rootbeer Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Black Cherry Joyful Coconut Almond



White Chocolate Pretzel*
  *contains gluten